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Who We Are

Global community of resilient female entrepreneurs

We are a collective of ambitious women with compelling stories to share. Among us are individuals who have overcome challenging childhoods or navigated complex circumstances, harnessing our experiences to fuel our determination. As active or aspiring female entrepreneurs, we build businesses and are committed to effecting positive change in the world.

What it means to be a Sisski Sister

Powered by Training

We equip aspiring female entrepreneurs with the tools to build an online business through an 'earn while you learn' system, empowering them to transform adversity into their unique narrative.

Fueled by Promotion

We advocate for active female entrepreneurs, amplifying their stories and businesses. Our mission is to promote women through tales of transformation and share their journey with the world.

United by Community

We bring together inspiring female entrepeneurs who become part of our community, women across the globe who have established businesses and transformed challenges into opportunities.

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If you're an active entrepeneur with a journey to share, become a sisski sister and propel your business forward, all while inspiring other women to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.
Aspiring Entrepreneur

Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Burning desire to build an online business and make a difference?

Transform your passion or message into an online business. We give you all the tools to start constructing the life you merit. Shape a life abundant with freedom, accomplishment, and inspiration.

Active Female Entrepreneurs

Keen to expand your reach to a wider audience?

Share your business journey with us, and we'll amplify it to the world. Your transformation story is worth sharing, it should inspire change and impact while increasing revenue in the process.

Active Entrepreneur

Sisski Sisters

Check out the inspiring tales of some of our sisters who have crafted the lives they deserve, transforming challenges into opportunities. Together, we ignite a ripple effect. The more who share their stories, the greater the inspiration we disseminate, leading to collective success.

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"My mum used to count the price of the groceries as we walked around the store, sometimes we had to put stuff back on the shelves. Now I live a life where I can take care of myself, I have the freedom to buy a house and build a promising future for my children"

Billie McNeill


Rem ridi culus pharetra eligendi labore nulla expli cabo sem! Modi ipsa, dolores cupiditate.​

Mike Ross, WD


Rem pharetra labore eligendi nulla expli cabo sem! Modi ipsa, dolores elemen tum eligendi.

Veronica Cullen, MH

Whether you are just about to start your journey or are already seeing the benefits of your journey this is the community for you.

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