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Uniting women who are ready to build a future for themselves

Who We Are

Who We Are

Global female community of strong, resilient women 

Growing up with addict parents meant enough trauma to last a lifetime, but we are ready to turn our pain into power. It's our time to shine. We are ready to build a life worth living on our terms. Join us in our mission to support each other to put ourselves first.

Why You're Here

Burning desire to build a life for yourself? You're in the right place!

We provide resources to help you create the future you deserve. We talk about health, wealth, self and social. We share everything you need to know about building an online business so you can live the life you've dreamt of. Be a part of a group of women from all over the world who understand the struggles and want to support you in your journey.

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It's your time to shine...

We understand that certain past experiences will always be with us, but there comes a time when we need to shift our focus to ourselves and look at all areas of our lives. How are we doing? Are we creating a life that we deserve?

It's Your Time To Shine


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Love yourself enough to treat your body with the respect and kindness it deserves.


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Build a future free from money anxiety and give yourself and your family the life you want.


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Give your inner child the self-care and self-development it needs to be truly happy.


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Enjoy your spare time living life to the max with healthy social activities.

Our Sisski Sisters

Hear the positive stories of some of our Sisski sisters who have built a happy life.


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Jane Foster, NY​


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Mike Ross, WD


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Veronica Cullen, MH

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